Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462
"Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462" episode 9 was released early on the official AMC App. AMC

As agonizing as the wait for the return of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 has been, fans of the web series adventure, “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462,” have been kept in limbo just as long. The 16-part webisode story also took a midseason break — until now. The newest installment in the popular plane-based story dropped its mobile-exclusive episode six days ahead of its scheduled premiere during the AMC drama’s return.

As previously reported, “Flight 462” is an offshoot of “Fear the Walking Dead,” which will debut its second season on April 10. When it does, it will add one surviving member of the flight to its regular cast, as teased in the recent international trailer for the show. As a reward for those that download AMC’s official mobile app, the network has been releasing the episodes early on that particular platform. After weeks away, part 9 finally dropped and it’s nothing but bad news for the passengers.

When last we left the flight, the plane was being re-routed back to Los Angeles as its most sickly ticket holder finally died of an apparent fever. A mysterious young lady seemed to know exactly what was going on with the zombie outbreak and cautioned everyone to back away from the body. In part 9, [SPOILER ALERT] everyone finds out why as his corpse reanimates and starts attacking those nearby. Luckily, a U.S. Air Marshal is there and quickly gets the walker restrained. After a struggle, he shoves and locks the monster inside the airplane’s bathroom. While he bangs on the door trying to feed on the cadre of people outside, some dripping blood reveals that the worst has happened — a flight attendant has been bit. This takes the situation from an isolated incident to a full-blown epidemic. The newest episode is very brief, but packs the most action of any installment of the 16-part (30-minute total) web series that’s debuted yet. With the infection having reached the sky and the plane in the very early stages of its trip back to L.A., only time will tell if the living will be able to make it back home before they all become walkers.

To watch the latest episode of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462,” fans simply need to download the AMC mobile app, which is available on all iOS, Android and Windows Phone-enabled devices.