As we reach the halfway point of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” web series, things are finally starting to get dangerous for the passengers aboard the plane. After last week’s installment revealed who on the flight had been bitten by a walker, this week’s episode sees the consequences of that secret. 

As most already know, “Flight 462” is the companion web series to “Fear the Walking Dead.” It has been airing brief installments of its 16-part storyline during commercials of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 before posting them online at the AMC website. However, to reward those who download the network’s official mobile app, each episode is released a few days early. 

Episode 8 picks up where the previous week left off. A man who is clearly sick locks himself in the bathroom for most of the flight. When the plane reaches its destination in Arizona, the power goes out in Phoenix, forcing the pilot to turn around and head back to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the flight attendant opens the stall door to find the man inside on the brink of death. When a young woman, who clearly knows about the zombie virus, starts checking the body, she discovers a pretty sizable bite on his side. 

Unfortunately, no one but her seems to know what the significance of a bite is. When she tries to get everyone to tie him down and step back to avoid being attacked by his reanimated corpse, they don’t listen to her. In fact, the man who has been taking charge of the incident reveals himself to be a U.S. air marshal and threatens her with arrest. He orders the young lady and all the passengers gathered around the bathroom to return to their seats. 

The flight attendant starts to conduct first aid on the man, but she’s too late. The episode ends with his eyes opening and him very clearly being a zombie now. With the passengers already panicked and in close proximity to one another, there’s no hiding from the violence that the walker is about to inflict upon them. The only question now is, who will survive the nightmare flight and make it to Season 2 of “Fear the Walking Dead”? 

You can watch the latest installment of "Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462" on the AMC mobile app. The preview is available on any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.