Ofelia and Daniel were finally reunited in Season 3, episode 14 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.” Unfortunately, the reunion wasn’t a happy one as Ofelia died of a zombie bite a few moments before her father saw her again.

In an interview with TVLine, Mercedes Mason revealed that she had known about her character’s heartbreaking death since the time they were filming Season 3, episode 10. “[Showrunner Dave Erickson] is aware I was trying to start a family, and he’s heading off the show,” the actress said of why the idea of killing Ofelia came up. “So it was like, ‘Okay, a lot of things are going to be changing at the end of the season. If we maybe let Ofelia go, how dramatic can we make it?’ With the fact that fans have been waiting for the reunion, I think there was something so tragically sad and beautiful about Daniel (Rubén Blades) never actually getting to his daughter, then him being the one who actually has to put her down [lest she turn].”

Although Mason wasn’t disappointed that Ofelia did not turn into a zombie during her final moments on the series, the 35-year-old actress admitted that she’s bummed about two things when she saw Ofelia’s death scene on TV.

“Madison (Kim Dickens) is walking Ofelia to the place where she sits down, and Ofelia bends over and vomits up blood. To me, that was such a huge moment. I don't know why they cut it,” Mason told The Hollywood Reporter. “First, it was very gross to shoot. (Laughs.) Use it, damn you! But two, it shows how difficult it was for Ofelia to hold on. For you to be vomiting blood, there’s obviously internal damage happening. She’s holding on so strong just to see her father, and then she dies literally moments before he gets there.”

“The other thing is that we did several takes, and there were a few takes where Ruben was sobbing,” the actress continued. “It came out as every fear he’s ever had and every sin he’s ever committed coming out in that moment through his tears. I’m supposed to be dead, and I’m trying desperately not to sob. I had tears running down my face. He moved me so much. I know they ultimately used the scene where Salazar is a bit stronger, but me personally, there was so much beauty in his vulnerability and in his rawness in that moment. “

Although Mason thinks that “it would have been really cool” to see Ofelia live longer and fight side by side with Daniel, the actress knows that Ofelia’s death will further develop Daniel as a character.

“He’s just going to be even more ruthless, if that’s even possible,” Mason told Comicbook.com of how Ofelia’s death will impact Daniel. “There’s literally nothing else. He’s lost his life, he’s lost his daughter, twice, and the last time he had to be the one to sort of put her out of her misery.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” ends its Season 3-run with back-to-back episodes airing on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.