Nick was a drug addict when “Fear the Walking Dead” viewers first met him in Season 1. Since the start of the zombie apocalypse, the junkie has been forced to get clean. But is he resorting back to his old ways?

A sneak peek video from episode 11, titled “Pablo & Jessica,” shows Nick (Frank Dillane) meeting with Alejandro (Paul Calderon) at the infirmary. He’s got a bottle of Oxycodone — but he’s not taking the pills.

“I had this buddy,” Nick explains as he gets to work, grabbing different items around Alejandro’s office. “He wasn’t the most sensible guy but he was smart, creative. Very creative. And he used to do this thing when he couldn’t afford the overhead.”

Fans of the AMC series will remember that Nick got himself in a bit of trouble with a Mexican gang when he went on a supply run with Luciana (Danay Garcia). He got caught stealing a Gansito, a Mexican snack cake, and the leader of the gang almost cut off his hand as punishment. Nick managed to save himself when he offered the gang more oxycodone. The twist, though, is that the supply at the Colonia is running out. Nick’s plan is to cut the oxycodone to double the supply and buy them more time. Alejandro watches him get to work, but he’s not so sure that the plan will be successful.

“You’re a pharmacist,” Nick tells him. “I’m a junkie. Trust me. Please, let me make this right.”

Nick successfully creates a new pill that will give an immediate high, but not last as long. He explains that it will buy their compound more time. And more time means more hope — more than a Gansito, at least.

We previously reported that episode 11 would find Nick drawing upon his “skills from his past to take on a new role at the Colonia.” That’s not the only storyline that will play out, though. More of Alejandro’s backstory will be revealed. He’ll open up about his bite, and hopefully explain how he managed to survive something that should have killed him.

The upcoming installment will also touch on Madison’s (Kim Dickens) group. When “Fear the Walking Dead” viewers last saw them, they were seeking shelter in a hotel. A group of walkers managed to find them, but that’s not their only threat. Another group of survivors is also staying at the hotel, and they want revenge on Elena (Karen Bethzabe), the hotel manager who locked them in a banquet hall in the middle of the zombie outbreak.

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, episode 11 will air on AMC on Sunday, Sept. 11 at 9 p.m. EDT.