FTWD Chris & Travis
Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) continue on their own in episode 10 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, episode 10 kicks off with a flashback — but not of the main characters. The flashback reveals what happened on the day of the wedding that was being held at the hotel that Madison, Stand, Ofelia and Alicia are currently in.

Fans of the AMC series will remember that last week Madison’s (Kim Dickens) group found a hotel to seek safety at and wait for Nick (Frank Dillane). The building was barricaded from the inside but empty, an untouched wedding cake sitting in a banquet hall. Their goal was to find supplies, but Madison and Strand (Colman Domingo) ended up getting drunk, and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) lost a depressed, and potentially suicidal, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason).

The flashback reveals that the mother and father of the bride were concerned about their guests getting home before the border closed. All they knew was that a “sickness” was spreading, but no one knew the extent of it. The hotel manager monitoring the wedding reassured them that the hotel was secure. However, they still insisted on cutting the reception short to allow their guests to return to their family in the U.S.

While the hotel may have been secure, the father of the bride unexpectedly had a heart attack while going out to share a dance with his daughter. The bride immediately attempted to provide CPR — and that’s when her father turned. He bit a chunk of her face off, causing the reception to erupt into immediate chaos. But instead of helping the guests, the hotel manager motioned for her employee to follow her and they locked the doors of the banquet hall.

Cut back to present time, Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) are traveling solo. Travis is still limping from hurting his foot while walking, so he hotwires a car while Chris goes to search a local building for supplies. Travis is hesitant about letting his son go out on his own, but Chris insists that he’s “good at this.” That’s Travis’ biggest concern.

And Travis has a right to be worried about his son, because a crazy switch has seriously flipped in him. Upon entering the building, he discovers that he’s not alone. It sounds as if a group of men shot the owner of the building, and Chris is not interested in waiting around to find out. He makes a bold move to steal food from the other people and makes a run for it. But before he can leave the building, he comes face-to-face with the others. Fortunately for him, walkers show up at the same time. He actually saves the life of one of the men before making a run for it.

Travis and Chris drive off and eventually run out of gas while in the desert. By this point it’s dark out and the two decide to start a fire. Travis tries to talk to his son about maintain hope and returning to normalcy. He tells his son that the two can start new in a house with a well on the mountain. But Chris doesn’t think that the world will ever return to normal.

Their plans of a future are cut short when the group from earlier drives up to where they’ve built a fire. Not wanting to cause any problems, Travis makes his presence known. Chris and one of the men argue about stealing their things and saving one of their lives, but the men — Brandon, Derek and James — insist that they’re not interested in payback. Instead they explain that they just want to sit down and eat.

Brandon, Derek and James are Americans from San Diego who were camping when everything went down. They’re trying to get back home, but Travis reveals that there is no home to return to. He explains that they watched as the government burned down the cities.

The guys are impressed with Chris, who showed a lot of skill in killing “the wasted.” They want Travis and Chris to team up with them, but Travis doesn’t trust them.

Chris and Travis ultimately end up accepting a ride from the guys, and they find themselves at a farm overlooking the land. Travis wants to stay and make the land home, but Chris wants to stay with the others. He argues that they need people to survive, and Travis doesn’t hold back — he tells his son that they had people.

They make their way into a barn where they find chickens. The thought of food brightens everyone’s spirits and they all make an attempt to catch one for dinner. However, they’re not alone. The man who owns the property shows up — with a gun. The language barrier makes things tense, and the man shoots one of the new guys in the leg. Without hesitating, Chris takes his gun and shoots the property owner.

FTWD Alicia
Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) attempts to return to her mom in episode 10 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

Episode 10 of “Fear the Walking Dead” also catches up with Alicia at the hotel. Knowing that she can no longer hide in the hotel room, Alicia decides to make a run for it. Unfortunately she underestimates how many walkers are outside and is forced to hang onto a wire in an elevator shaft in order to avoid death. Her situation looks grim until a woman appears from another floor to save her — the hotel manager from the wedding!

Alicia grasps her hand and she’s pulled to safety. However, the hotel manager doesn’t consider her to be a friend just yet. She attacks Alicia, demanding to know where “he” is. The hotel manager is named Elena and she’s searching for her nephew, Hector. She was the one marking hotel rooms with the “do not disturb” sign indicating that the dead are inside. She’s managed to survive all this time by using her set of keys for the hotel to lock the dead in different hallways. Her nephew went out to search for food … but never came back. She believes that the other hotel guests, a group made up of about 12 people, took him. Alicia agrees to help her get him back, but she needs to return to her mom.

The two women trap walkers on a floor and make their way back down to the main lobby. It’s there that Elena explains that she didn’t lock the wedding guests in the banquet to be malicious, she just didn’t want it to spread because she had other hotel guests to think about. The hotel was at capacity at that point, and she thought help would come — but it never did.

Elena and Alicia arrive at the lobby to find that the bar that Madison and Strand were in is now overrun with walkers. Alicia doesn’t have time to mourn her mom because a group of hotel guests show up. Hector is being held hostage by the group, which also consists of the groom and the mother of the bride. They want the keys to the hotel, and agree to give them Hector in exchange. With no other way to get her nephew back, Elena makes the move. However, Alicia has something else up her sleeves. She opens the doors to the bar, overrunning the lobby with walkers and giving them a chance to escape. Elena leads Alicia and Hector down a passageway but a locked door is their only escape. With the walkers close behind them, they attempt to break down the door. It opens at the last second, revealing Madison and Strand.

Walkers complicate an escape in episode 10 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC