Fear the Walking Dead
Alejandro (Paul Calderon) and Luciana (Danay Garcia) watch a man walk to his death in episode 9 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

Nick may have found a safe haven in episode 8 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 — but is this new community hiding a dark secret?

Episode 9, titled “Los Muertos,” begins with Nick (Frank Dillane) leaving his room at the infirmary to find that all of the survivors have gathered near a fence separating them from walkers. An old bus is the only way to gain access to the other side, and they’re all watching as a man hands over his weapons and enters the bus. A young girl cries as the man exits on the other side, seemingly sacrificing himself to the dead.

The AMC series then cuts to Madison (Kim Dickens), Strand (Colman Domingo), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Cary) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) on the road. It’s been two days since they were forced to flee the compound, and Madison won’t give up on searching for Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Nick. Alicia and Strand know that the chances of finding the others are slim to none and encourage her to return to the Abigail, where they’re safe on the water and have supplies. Unfortunately for them, the Abigail is gone. Strand suspects that the Mexican army seized it shortly after they came to shore. So, what’s next? Madison is still insisting on setting up a “home” for Nick to return to. They use scraps of wood to leave a message: “ABIGAIL LOST HEAD NOTH.”

With the Abigail no longer an option, the group finds a hotel they can set up camp in. But is it full of zombies? Are there any more supplies? Although there are a lot of questions, Alicia argues that it’s better to be inside than out.

They break in and find that someone barricaded the doors from the inside. That’s good in that there might not be zombies inside. However, they don’t know if the survivors are friendly. They explore and find that the hotel was set up for a wedding. This gets Ofelia to open up, and reveal that she was almost married. Her boyfriend proposed, but was moving to New Mexico. Having to take care of her family, Ofelia was forced to say goodbye. Now she’s got no one.

Alicia and Ofelia go off on their own to search hotel rooms for supplies. Madison is reluctant to let her go alone, but stays behind at the lobby bar with Strand. The two indulge in a couple of drinks while discussing their recent losses. Despite suffering so much, they’re still willing to continue to fight to stay alive. The same can’t be said for Ofelia. She tells Alicia that they’re not going to make it.

Alicia can tell that Ofelia is struggling after the loss of both her parents, but encourages her to keep going. She explains that they’re her family now. Ofelia doesn’t feel the same way though.

As they investigate the hotel, Nick follows Luciana (Danay Garcia) into the bus. Luciana doesn’t want to sacrifice him to the dead though; she needs his help on a supply run. They cover themselves in blood and make their way to meet a gang, who has been stock piling water, food, medicine and other supplies since the outbreak began. On their journey, Luciana begins to explain how things work at her community. Those near death sacrifice themselves to the dead, which is what Nick witnessed the other day. She continues that Alejandro (Paul Calderon) — who is actually a pharmacist, not a doctor — believes that when the dead are gone, everything will be renewed. Everyone follows him because he was bit, but did not turn.

Luciana and Nick finally arrive at the gang’s community, where Luciana trades him drugs for water and other supplies. It’s a tense exchange, with the leader revealing that the drugs only buy one shopping cart of water, not two. Although that wasn’t their previous arrangement, Luciana chooses to stay silent rather than fight them. She warns Nick to do the same, encouraging him to stay quiet and not to look at them.

The duo enters a building and Luciana shops for other items. Nick reaches for a candy bar, but Luciana makes him put it back. They can only take what they need, and that’s not a necessity. Nick was never one to follow directions. He steals the candy and is caught by the gang on his way out. They’re about to cut off his hand when Nick asks Luciana to translate his plea.

Nick was able to take in his surroundings when he entered the building. He noticed that there were people camping out inside, and that a couple of them were very sick. He explains that they need OXY, and they have it. Nick manages to walk away with both his hands and gets them to hand over another cart of water.

Another shopping cart of water is good, but Luciana is not happy with his recklessness. She explains that the gang doesn’t know where their community is and that they need to keep it that way or risk getting killed.

Why would Nick do something that dangerous? Madison continues to open up to Strand at the hotel lobby, revealing that Nick was “born lost, like his daddy.” “Fear the Walking Dead” viewers learned last week that Nick’s dad died in a car accident. The truth is that he purposely crossed the divider into oncoming traffic. Madison lied to her kids and told him that he fell asleep at the wheel.

The confession feels good to Madison, and she begins to let out her frustration by throwing the bar glasses against the wall. Now drunk, Strand begins playing some tunes on the piano. What neither of them realize is that the commotion is attracting zombies ... but they figure it out soon enough.

Fear the Walking Dead 2x9
Madison (Kim Dickens) and Strand (Colman Domingo) discover they’re not as safe as they thought they were in episode 9 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

Alicia exits a hotel room bathroom after taking a hot shower to find zombies plummeting off balconies to get to the noise coming from the lobby. She’s desperate to warn her mom, but discovers that Ofelia has gone missing in the short time she was showering. Alicia searches for her friend, however, she can’t leave the room — zombies now infest the hallways.

The episode ends with Nick being forced to see Alejandro after retuning to the community and gifting the young girl from earlier with the candy bar. Nick thought that he was doing a good thing, but Alejandro doesn’t see it the same way. After preaching that faith must outlast death, Alejandro warns him that he’ll feed Nick to the wall of walkers if he puts his people in danger again. Nick spots Alejandro’s bite mark and later joins the survivors in chanting during a sermon.