AMC just released three new photos and the synopsis of “Fear The Walking Dead.”

When we last saw the post-apocalyptic spin off of “The Walking Dead,” Travis (Cliff Curtis) learned that his son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), whom he swore to protect to his late ex-wife, died. He brutally killed the two kids who murdered his son after he became a “liability.” A car crash rendered Chris with serious injuries and he was labelled a “liability.”

However, while Travis was seeking revenge, he accidentally killed a hotel guest, leading to his banishment from the sprawling resort. Madison (Kim Dickens) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) chose to leave the hotel with him but Strand (Colman Domingo) chose to stay back.

Elsewhere, Nick (Frank Dillane) thought he was leading Luciana’s (Danay Garcia) people to a safe refugee camp only to find it to be anything about a safe haven. A militia group fired shots at them and Luciana was hit.

The season finale also saw Ofelia (Mercedes Manson) being captured by this same militia group.

So what will happen in Season 3? The synopsis provides the following spoilers:

1. Luciana Is Alive … But Hurt

From the new batch of “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 photos, it’s clear that Luciana is alive but she is hurt. It looks like she and Frank escaped the militia group by going into a sewer but how long can they stay inside the underground tunnel before they are found?

2. Did Strand Kill Someone?

In another photo, Strand has bloody hands. He is in deep thought while sitting on a chair. The synopsis teases that after recovering emotionally and physically, he has his sights set on harnessing the new world’s currency.

3. Ofelia Will Have To Become Her Father

Ofelia needs to up her survival skills if she wants to escape captivity. In Season 3 of the AMC series, she needs to muster the savagery of her father if she wants to be free.

4. Alicia Isn’t In A Good Place

Remember Alicia murdered Andres (Raul Casso) in order to save Travis? Well, it was the first time she murdered a human being. She will be fractured in the upcoming season.

5. Season 3 Airs This Summer

Although no exact premiere date has been set for “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 yet, the show will return this summer. It will consist of 16 episodes. Season 2 will be available for streaming on Hulu on Tuesday, March 21.