Fear the Walking Dead
"Fear the Walking Dead" executive producers tease new walkers ahead of the August premiere. AMC

While fans eagerly await the return of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, they’ll first be treated to the new companion series “Fear the Walking Dead.” However, with all this excitement surrounding the August premiere, no one has yet asked the most important question: What will the walkers look like?

In a new promotional spot from the set of “Fear the Walking Dead” the show’s creators and cast talk about what the fans can expect from the new series. In the video, posted below, special effects artist Greg Nicotero teases that the walkers may look a little different in the companion show.

“Here we have an opportunity to create a different palette, not only in terms of how the show looks and how the actors interact with each other, but how the walkers look.”

It would make sense if “Fear the Walking Dead” felt obligated to reimagine the zombies from “The Walking Dead” given its significant time difference. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner David Erickson recently mentioned that setting the show back in the days of the initial zombie outbreak would give them a lot of room to re-imagine the universe. While he’s excited to delve deep into the leading characters and watch society crumble around them, blood and gore fans should be on the lookout for new walkers.

With the show taking place in the initial outbreak, Nicotero seems to be hinting at more agile walkers, less decomposed and subject to the elements like they were when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) first discovered them in episode 1 of “The Walking Dead.” Perhaps the fear in the new show will come from what’s lurking in the shadows rather than gigantic gory herds.

Unfortunately, it seems like fans will just have to wait until after “Fear the Walking Dead” premieres in August to find out exactly what kind of monsters Nicotero and the gang have in store.