Rubén Blades as Daniel
“Fear the Walking Dead” showrunner Dave Erickson said that Daniel (Rubén Blades) would be “crushed” if he discovered that his unica hija, Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), is responsible for the deaths of several men. AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” showrunner Dave Erickson revealed that Daniel (Rubén Blades) would be broken if he found out that his daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) already has blood on her hands.

“If and when that happens, I think he’d actually be upset,” Erickson told Yahoo TV when asked if Daniel would be surprised by how capable his daughter has turned out to be. “I think that the person Ofelia has become, and it’s out of necessity, obviously, whether she knew the full scope of what she was doing or not — and I would argue she didn’t — she was responsible for the death of a lot of people at the ranch. And I think her father, who really went to great lengths to shelter her throughout her life and went to great lengths to protect her from his story and his violence, would be devastated.”

Erickson added that Daniel would be disappointed with himself if he realized that his daughter has seemingly been repeating his sins during the Salvadoran Civil War. “I think he’d be crushed by that, to find out that he was not able to prevent her from becoming him, because that’s the last thing that he wanted for her,” Erickson said.

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But will the father and daughter finally be reunited in the second half of Season 3? While Erickson didn’t specify whether Daniel and Ofelia will see each other again soon, he told Entertainment Weekly that he has always planned to reunite the original crew together by the end of the current season. “We’ve been doing sort of a slow crawl toward reuniting our dysfunctional blended family, so what we can look forward to is hopefully reconnecting more of our characters,” Erickson said. “And what I always hoped to do was to get to a place by the end of this season, by the end of episode 16, where we’d kind of brought this motley band back together.”

Erickson revealed that circumstances in the back half of the season are going to connect the ranch environment to the dam environment. “The dam is going to be very important,” Erickson told The Hollywood Reporter of bridging the two stories on either sides of the border together. “There’s a slight hint of it in the first half of this season, a scene with Jake (Sam Underwood) and Jeremiah (Dayton Callie) where Jake wants to give the bottled water reserves to the Nation as a peace offering, and Jeremiah suggests that that's a bad idea; we allude to the fact that it hasn’t rained in a while.”

Does this mean the ranch is going to experience drought, and Madison and company will be forced to look for new source of water when the show returns? Only time will tell.

“Fear the Walking Dead” midseason premiere (Season 3, episode 9) will air on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.