Lifetime’s “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” programming event continues tonight with the premiere of “A Fiancé for Christmas,” starring Amanda Payton, Marie Osmond and Adam Gregory.

The film will be a treat for fans, as it will likely be their first introductions to some of the stars, as neither Payton nor Gregory have starred in a Lifetime movie previously. In fact, Gregory is best known for an early role as Thomas Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” while Payton is likely best known for her roles as Nina Rudolph on “Trial and Error,” Holly on “United States of Al,” and Dr. Alison Parfit on “Code 404.”

Marie Osmond, who also stars, will be a more familiar face, not only because of her long career but also because she has had a role in previous Lifetime movies, including “The Christmas Edition” and “The Road Home for Christmas.”

So what will happen in this film? Let's find out.

“Perpetually single Sawyer (Payton) makes a fake wedding registry, hoping a shopping spree with a scan gun will be the ultimate retail therapy,” a synopsis for the film reads. “But when the registry is discovered and the whole town throws her a surprise bridal shower, she’s too embarrassed to tell the truth. Instead, she finds a fake fiancé to help her navigate through the lies and holiday festivities. However, as real feelings develop between Sawyer and her fake fiancé, they may turn into the real deal after all.”

“A Fiancé for Christmas” airs Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

A Fiance for Christmas
Amanda Payton and Marie Osmond star in “A Fiancé for Christmas.”  Courtesy of Lifetime