This Valentine’s Day is a big one for “Fifty Shades” fans. The long awaited “Fifty Shades Darker” will hit theaters, and that means plenty of people will want the BDSM-themed series to be involved in their Valentine’s Day celebrations. These gifts will make your Valentine feel like they have their own Christian Grey.

Bondage Jewelry: This bracelet from Crave ($62) can be worn like normal in public, and it can function as a pair of handcuffs in private. It’s made from genuine leather and stainless steel.

Sex Toys: You can get just about anything with the “Fifty Shades of Grey” logo on it. LoveHoney has plenty of different options to spice up the bedroom, no matter whether your bank account is more like Ana’s or more like Christian’s.

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Soundtrack: If your Valentine loved the first movie’s soundtrack, she’ll dig the second one too. The album, which hits stores Feb. 10, features Taylor Swift and Zayn’s new song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” Tove Lo, John Legend, Sia, Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj are also among the artists on the “Fifty Shades Darker” soundtrack. Get the Target version for extra songs from Rita Ora and more ($14.99).

Masquerade Mask: With “Fifty Shades Darker” about to hit theaters, it makes sense to celebrate the masquerade ball from the movie. Try a replica of Anastasia’s mask ($15.99) from the movie poster.

Christian’s Tie Soap: Get soap ($8.50) shaped like the infamous tie on E.L. James’ first novel cover. This bath product, from AJSweetSoap on Etsy, is made with a special “Seductive 50 Shades fragrance” and is packaged with a leather ribbon and metal chain.

A Mexican Vacation: If you’re a go big or go home kind of person on Valentine’s Day, there are hotels offering “Fifty Shades”-themed vacation packages in Mexico, according to Cosmopolitan. The “50 Shades of Desire” package at the Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort includes chocolate-covered strawberries, whipped cream and champagne — all pretty normal for a couples vacation, right? That’s not all, though. A flogger, ball gag, and two sets of cuffs are also included. Strippers are also available.

Dinner And A Movie Gift Basket: If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at the movies with Ana and Christian, you can give your special someone more than just the tickets. Make a basket with a box of their favorite movie night candy and a note revealing your dinner plans. Feel free to add a small “Fifty Shades”-themed gift like a mask or handcuffs. Put the movie tickets in a small gift box (Avoid velvet jewelry boxes, though. Never trick a significant other into thinking jewelry is coming.), and finish with a grey bow around the basket.