Finding Nemo
"Finding Nemo" Disney Pixar

‏"Finding Nemo 3D" hit theaters on Friday and Twitter began to instantly erupt with posts about how people wanted to go see the new version of the movie.

The original "Finding Nemo" is a Disney-Pixar film that was first released in theaters in 2003 and starred the voices of Albert Brooks as Nemo's dad Marlin, Ellen DeGeneres as the unforgettable forgetful Dory and Alexander Goud who lent his voice to the special finned, adventurous Nemo.

The 2003 film has an 8.1 rating on the Internet Movie Data Base.

The film is about a father who is searching for his son after he was captured on the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, Australia. Along the way the timid clownfish meets the forgetful yet helpful Dory who ultimately aides Marlin in finding his son Nemo.

Nearly 10 years later the Oscar winning flick has been re-released in 3D with a 99 percent Fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

"Its Pacific Ocean setting is majestic, immersive, not intrusive, in evoking the vast sweep of the water and bringing us into the world of the tiny fish characters," Nell Minow of the The Chicago Sun Times describes the 3d enhancements of the movie.

"It makes interesting use of underwater darkness and light, different aspects of aquatic physics, and provides a spirited answer to the question of how a tiny little clownfish will cross hundreds of miles to get from the Great Barrier Reef to downtown Sydney," Jaime N. Christley of Slant said.

"Enhanced by its new 3-D conversion, every visual detail amazes in the gorgeous underwater world (though, frustratingly, the 3-D glasses also make the vivid colors darker)," Elizabeth Weitzman from the New York Daily News added.

But the critics aren't the only ones gushing over the newest installation of "Finding Nemo," Twitter's "Finding Nemo" fans took to the mini-blog to post how excited they were for the film to be re-released in theaters on Friday.

"I meeeeeaaan, I'm pretty excited for finding nemo 3D" @jbeel14 wrote.

"I will be seeing Finding Nemo 3D, I don't care if you make fun of me," @bumbletinky tweeted.

"So.... Who wants to take me to see Finding Nemo 3D?" @CaitlenGreen asked.

"TODAYS THE DAY! - Finding Nemo 3D is in theaters!!!!! @SBSandbach posted.

"Ready 2 check out #findingNemo3d tonight wit my baby :" @THEREALMICQUEEN shared.

"Don't judge me I'm def super hyped about finding nemo 3D," @DollazgotemMCF wrote.

"I wanna go see Finding Nemo 3D! @Si_Ortega exclaimed.

"So, I want to see #FindingNemo3D #nolie" @daniiielle_2012 tweeted.

"Finding Nemo 3D came out today!!!! #toohype #gottaseeit" @LovelyMissLoLo said.