Coinciding with the worldwide gay pride day, Klicrainbow, a Barcelona-based publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software videogames, has brought a unique videogame named SuperGay & the Attack of his ExGirlfriends.

The videogame, which is claimed to be the first ever about a gay superhero, is now available for Apple platforms including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Inspired from characters from the sixties comic book fever, SuperGay is claimed to have its original script that runs a unique adventure through a motion comic narrative. Developers said that the game follows the rhythm of an original soundtrack. The games supports five languages - English, Deutsch, Italian, French and Spanish.

Created in 2D, SuperGay has 32 levels and different mini games. While playing the game, the user will have to eliminate the clone army to stop an imminent nuclear war. According to developers, the game presents many challenges, infiltration levels, dancing, skill puzzles, dynamic chases and action.

Here is the synopsis of the game:

Dr. Tom Palmer is an idealistic scientist of the Genetic Corp. Company. There, he works with his father-in-law, Dr. Arnold Himmler and the beautiful Ilsa Himmler, his fiancée.

He develops a cloning project for humanitarian purposes. However behind his back, his father-in-law and fiancée negotiate lucrative contracts with international leaders to sell their work for military purposes.

However, when Dr. Palmer finds it out, it seems too late. Dissatisfied with his personal life, and now betrayed in his career, Tom needs an escape. A failed experiment grants him new super powers and opens the door to his last chance. Tom will have to stop his jilted ex-girlfriend Ilsa to attempt revenge, which may result in a truly global nuclear war.

Check out the video and screenshots from SuperGay & the Attack of his ExGirlfriends: