Melania (L) and Ivanka Trump (R) attend an official ribbon cutting ceremony and opening news conference at the new Trump International Hotel in Washington, Oct. 26, 2016. Reuters

President Donald Trump has officially renamed the White House's Office of the First Lady to the Office of the First Family, which means dual administration roles for his daughter Ivanka and his wife, Melania. In an exclusive interview, D.C. insiders told the New York Daily News that Ivanka Trump had already brought in designers to renovate the East Wing office, which has traditionally always been used by the first lady.

“Not only is Ivanka moving into the First Lady's office, she's redecorating it,” an unnamed White House source said. “It's what they're going to call ‘The First Family Office.’”

Melania Trump, 46, decided to stay in New York City with her 10-year-old son Barron until he finishes the school year. She will be absent for the first several months of the president's inaugural term.

Even though rumors were surfacing that Melania Trump would not be moving into the White House, the source told the New York Daily News that it was not true.

“When Melania gets there, they'll share the office space,” the source said. “There's no competition between the two. They have totally different agendas.”

Whatever roles they have, they will enjoy a powerful platform to address any public concerns.

"Because it is a podium with a very, very loud voice. And any first lady when they arrive, I don't think they have any idea about how loud that voice can be," Amy Zantzinger, a former White House social secretary for Laura Bush said last month.

However, even though the first lady wouldn't be in D.C., she wasn't leaving everything entirely up to her 35-year-old step-daughter. “Melania has hired a decorator to do the White House family quarters,” the same unnamed source told the publication. “It's going to be a more European-esque, refined look. More gold, more classic.”

Melania Trump, who is the second first lady born outside the U.S. and the first born in Slovenia, a formerly Communist country, “won’t be moving to the White House before June,” the source said.