• Sony has not yet announced the date for the first PlayStation State of Play for this year
  • A new rumor claims the major event could happen in early February
  • The insider mentioned some games that could be featured at the event

Sony held its last PlayStation State of Play in October 2021, and it looks like the company's first video gaming presentation for this year will take place in the next several weeks and will feature some of the most awaited and biggest titles in the industry.

Details about the supposed PlayStation State of Play 2022 came from industry insider Tom Henderson, who tweeted, "The current rumor is that the next Sony event looks like it could be in February based on this month's media events and past PlayStation dates."

"It'll probably be the State of Play, but it has the potential to be a pretty big one IMO," the insider added.

Unfortunately, Henderson did not mention at that time which games would be featured at the event.

However, the insider shared some more new details in a new video, even mentioning the possibility of "Gran Turismo 7" and "GhostWire: Tokyo" being featured. As for the reasons why Henderson said this PlayStation State of Play might be big, they could be related to Warner Bros. and its upcoming major title based on J.K. Rowling's hit series, "Harry Potter."

The insider also hinted at the potential appearance of "Hogwarts Legacy," which was earlier rumored to release sometime between Q3 and Q4 of 2022. Interestingly, this claim goes well with speculations that a new trailer for the game could debut very soon.

Moreover, the insider offered the possible release window of the event. Considering the release of "Horizon Forbidden West" and "Sifu" taking place in early February, Henderson believes the PlayStation State of Play could happen on Feb. 3.

He feels Sony would use the said event to showcase the gameplay walkthrough of "Horizon Forbidden West" and the launch trailer of "Sifu," so an earlier date would be apt. The date falls on a Thursday, which, based on Sony's tradition, is the day it usually holds the PlayStation State of Play.

In the past, Henderson already leaked information about upcoming games that turned out to be true. However, fans are still advised to take this latest leak with a grain of salt.

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