There have been a lot weird things happening on “The Flash” since the CW series began last fall. Fans have seen people with superspeed, people who can absorb electricity and people who can control fire. However, things are about to get a little weirder as a future episode will involve something much crazier than anything Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has dealt with so far – time travel.

According to TV Line, a Season 1 episode will involve a little time-bending fun. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told the site, “There’s an unexpected, accidental time travel coming up and it is played both for hilarity and darkness. It happens in an episode we’re really excited it — the first Weather Wizard episode with Liam McIntyre.”

Time travel might help explain a few things, such as what is going on with Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh). After the last scene of the midseason finale revealed that the mysterious doctor was hiding a suit that looked identical to that of Reverse Flash, Cavanagh confirmed that the character was in fact Reverse Flash. Time travel might explain how Wells and Reverse Flash seemingly confronted each other in the midseason finale, despite supposedly being one and the same person.

Plus, fans might also get a time travel glimpse at the night Barry’s mother was killed. During a panel at the Television Critics Association gathering -- where Cavanagh outed Wells -- it was revealed that fans also would see the scene from the perspective of Reverse Flash.  

How will the show use time travel? And will it answer viewers' questions about Dr. Wells? Fans will have to wait to find out. “The Flash” returns Jan. 20 with the second half of Season 2 on the CW.

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