Next week marks the return of TV fans’ favorite superheroes – the Flash and Arrow. “The Flash” and “Arrow” both will air their midseason premieres next week – Jan. 20 for “The Flash” and Jan. 21 for “Arrow” – on the CW. Viewers have been anticipating both series’ return since their crossover event brought a new audience into the fun. Those fans now have more to look forward to after the cast and crew of both shows appeared in a joint panel for the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California.

Here are four things we learned from the TCA panel:

1. See You in 2016!

Fans of both shows do not have to worry about missing their favorite superheroes. The CW announced at the TCA panel that both shows were renewed – “The Flash” for a second season and “Arrow” for a fourth. That means viewers have more new episodes to look forward to in the winter and following spring.

2. More Crossover!

The cast and producer hinted at more crossover fun in the future, although they did not specify how long the audience would have to wait. Reporters at the panel were told that future crossover events would be “bigger and better.”

3. Dr. Wells’ Secret

Some major spoilers were dropped at the TCA panel, the biggest of which is that Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) in “The Flash” is in fact Reverse Flash. Fans had speculated about this since the midseason finale of the show concluded with the character revealing he owned a suit identical to the one of villain Reverse Flash, who had spent the episode taunting and terrorizing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

“He’s the man in the Yellow Suit,” Cavanaugh told reporters. “I am Reverse Flash.”

4. Different Perspective

In addition to the news that Dr. Wells was Reverse Flash, fans learned that the show will replay the night Barry’s mother was killed from Reverse Flash’s perspective. The scene should finally give viewers a better idea about what really happened on that mysterious night.

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