The Flash
Barry Allen (Grant Gustin, pictured) will face his first female villain when "The Flash" returns in 2015. The CW

When fans last saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in “The Flash” midseason finale, he was having a rough time. First, he failed to catch his mother’s killer – Reverse Flash. Then, his confession of love to Iris (Candice Patton) went unrequited. However, he’ll have to get it together before the Jan. 20 midseason premiere in 2015 because he will be busy. Details about the various villains Barry will take on in the new episode have been spilling out, including the return of Mark Hamill as the Trickster, and now fans can look forward to the show’s first female villain.

While Barry has taken down more than few foes already in the CW series’ inaugural season, he has yet to face off against a woman. That will change in 2015 when Payton List, an actress most famous for her role as Jane Sterling on “Mad Men,” guest stars in an upcoming episode. List will play aspiring criminal, Lisa Snart, a name that may be familiar to fans.

Fans will remember that Lisa’s brother, Leonard Snart – aka Captain Cold, nearly killed Barry after stealing Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) cold gun. Cisco showed in just enough time to bluff Snart with a vacuum he claimed was a more powerful cold gun, forcing Snart to flee, but the villain still got away with a huge score.

In an upcoming episode, Lisa Snart will, reportedly, be looking to join her brother’s criminal gang. Desperate to impress her brother, she decides to take on the Flash, even using her sexual charm to take advantage of an unsuspecting Cisco. Apparently, taking advantage of Cisco runs in the family.

How will Barry stack up against his first female villain? Fans will have to wait and see. “The Flash” returns with its Season 1 midseason finale on Jan. 20, 2015 on the CW.

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