Grant Gustin as Barry
“The Flash” Season 3, Episode 1 synopsis revealed the things that Barry (Grant Gustin) could lose if he stays in the “Flashpoint” timeline. The CW

“The Flash” Season 3, Episode 1 synopsis has been released, and it revealed the consequences that Barry (Grant Gustin) would have to deal with if he decides to stay in the “Flashpoint” timeline that he had inadvertently created when he traveled back in time to prevent the death of his mom Nora (Michelle Harrison) in the hands of the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher).

As stated in the episode summary, the Reverse-Flash informs Barry that aside from losing his memories, his powers will also start to fade if he continues to live in the alternate reality. When a disaster strikes, Barry is forced to decide if he will abandon his superhero past to live with both of his parents or sacrifice his personal happiness to become Central City’s superhero again.

During the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con last July, Gustin revealed that when Season 3 starts, three months would have already passed since Barry landed in the “Flashpoint” timeline.

"When we pick up ‘Flashpoint’ he’s been in this new timeline for a few months and he's in a complete state of bliss that both of his parents are alive,” Gustin told E! News. “This guy [Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally is] running around as Kid Flash, he doesn’t know it’s Wally at this point, but he’s completely fine to take a backseat and let there be another Flash and just enjoy his family. So he’s not really coping at all — he’s in denial.”

It won’t be long, however, before he starts facing the consequences of messing with the timeline. “He’s starting to have new memories of graduating high school and college, memories he never had with his parents, but those memories are replacing other things from the other timeline,” Gustin said.

Since the 26-year-old actor told Kevin Smith during an interview for IMDb at Comic-Con that “Flashpoint” does not last all season long, it’s certain that Barry will return to the main timeline. While it's unclear how Barry will fix what he had done, it seems that the Reverse-Flash, will have a big role in undoing the hero’s timeline-tampering decision last season.

“I can say that he’s definitely central to the overall problem, and that Barry needs him,” Letscher told TVLine when asked about his character’s role in Season 3.

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“The Flash” Season 3, Episode 1, titled “Flashpoint,” airs on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.