Iris West is suiting up in an upcoming episode of “The Flash.”

Candice Patton, who plays Iris on the CW series, was spotted wearing a superhero costume while filming scenes for Season 4, episode 16 at Harbour Green Park in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday. As seen in a photo shared by YVRShoots, Patton is working with guest star Max Adler (“Glee,” “Switched at Birth”), who appears to be playing a meta-human villain.

Patton and Adler also filmed scenes for the episode on the same location on Tuesday. According to Canadagraphs, Tuesday’s shooting included a scene in which Iris grabs a handcuffed criminal and hands him over to the CCPD. The website noted that Iris’ actions in the scene strongly suggested that she has super-speed.

While it’s unclear why Iris is wearing a suit and appears to have the same powers as her husband Barry (Grant Gustin), Screen Rant reported that it’s a natural progression for the character to eventually become more involved in fighting meta-humans, especially now that Barry is locked up in Iron Heights, and after her conversation with Marlize DeVoe/The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) about what she’s willing to do for her husband.

But since previous episodes of the current season didn’t show any signs that Iris is getting superpowers soon, it’s possible that the Iris in the set photos is from another Earth.

During the “Heroes and Aliens” panel at PaleyFest last March, Patton said (via Entertainment Tonight) that she isn’t bummed that Iris doesn’t have powers. “While I would love to strap some leather on for an episode, I love that [Iris] provides this human quality on a very superhuman show,” the actress said. “I think she’s extraordinarily important to Barry’s superhero narrative.”

In related news, director Kevin Smith recently announced on Twitter that he’s “back to work” on his third episode of “The Flash.” Based on a photo he shared, Smith is set to direct episode 17 of the current season. Kevin’s first directorial gig on the show was Season 2, episode 21, titled “The Runaway Dinosaur.” After that, he returned to the series to direct Season 3, episode 7, titled “Killer Frost.”

“The Flash” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.