An Orlando man is fighting an aggressive battle after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria — one that has already extracted a heavy toll. Having spent the last week in intensive care, doctors were forced to remove 25 percent of his skin in order to fight the condition.

David Ireland, 50, was first admitted to the emergency room after experiencing flu-like symptoms. He soon found, however, that he was dealing a much deadlier, tissue-destroying infection.

Ireland has been diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis in group A strep.

So far, he has undergone three operations which have resulted in the loss of one-quarter of his flesh and has experienced kidney failure.

“He was in the ER and then all of a sudden they’ve got him in the operating room,” said Daniel Ireland, David’s brother.

Ireland’s family remains at a loss for what might have caused his severe condition. According to the Miami Herald, his brother said in an interview that he only swims in his condo’s pool area, not in the ocean or any lakes. Luckily, doctors were able to identify and begin treating Ireland relatively quickly, before the infection could reach his muscle tissue.

“David is still in a life-threatening situation but there are some small victories every day. I miss my best friend very much and pray every day that God will spare his life and bring him back home to me and our children,” Jody Ireland, David’s wife, said on a GoFundMe page created to help pay for his treatment.

Ireland and his wife have two daughters, ages 4 and 7.

Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection that stops blood circulation causing tissue to die and skin to decay, and has been dubbed as the “flesh-eating” bacteria. David Mark / Pixabay