A landfill worker in Central Florida died Friday after a bulldozer accidentally ran him over while using a port-a-potty.

Aaron Henderson, 40, was working for CertiTemp in Polk County as a spotter for drivers of large vehicles and heavy equipment when he was crushed inside of the port-a-potty, a portable toilet.

“The driver negotiated up the embankment towards the staging area, and once on level ground, he began to turn his bulldozer and heard a loud crumble," the Polk County sheriff's office said.

Police said that the driver of the bulldozer went to check on the port-a-potty after realizing that it was run over. Henderson was found unresponsive and died on the scene.

The sheriff’s office said that the incident was "a tragic, industrial accident."

Henderson was the father of three. His family described him as someone who had “just turned his life around,” according to FOX 13 Tampa Bay’s interview with Henderson’s family on Monday.

"He came up in the streets a little bit and he was tired of living like that," Henderson's brother said. "He wanted to have a responsible and be a responsible person."

The family said they want more answers on what exactly happened to cause the port-a-potty to get crushed.