A Florida man made a proud display of his family tradition during Thanksgiving -- thawing the turkey in their backyard pool.

Mark O'Donnell, of Clearwater, posted a Facebook Live video featuring an elderly man from his family flinging a 16-pound Turkey into the swimming pool in order to defrost it before cooking.

The video drew several witty responses from people on his friend list.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Mark, and Aaron. Miss you guys. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor!!" a Facebook user wrote.

“YOU are the only person that defrost a turkey that way. All You Turkeys Dance Around!” wrote another.

When one commenter asked O'Donnell whether chorine seeped into the packaging during the act, he replied: "no they are sealed." O'Donnell said the turkey will spend a day thawing in the pool before the family takes it out.

The crazy video left some users cracking up. "In the category of...."why not"?!?! This is hilarious!!! It’s a salt pool right!!!" one user wrote in the comment.

"Looks fun," wrote another.

"Love how corky and crazy you are!!" said a third.

O'Donnell said his family has been practicing the tradition of thawing their Thanksgiving turkey in the pool for 18 years now.

Thanksgiving marks that time of the year when bizarre traditions are followed across the U.S. On Thanksgiving every year, families perpetuate traditions unique to them, whether it is going for a ride, breaking the turkey’s wishbone, watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together, or even dressing up as a turkey.

Another amusing tradition followed during Thanksgiving is the Turkey Bowling, which was invented in 1988 by a grocery store clerk in California. Turkey Bowling, classified as a fun sport, has the standard bowling ball replaced with a frozen turkey, which is then hurled toward 10 plastic soft drink bottles that replace the traditional bowling pins.

The tradition that completely stands out in terms of uniqueness is the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation. The tradition sees the U.S. President receiving a gift of two live turkeys every year, which he pardons from being slaughtered.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Follow this recipe for an easy Thanksgiving turkey.  PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay