• The victim suffered second and third-degree burns
  • The accused was charged with attempted first-degree murder
  • The man committed the crime after he discovered the victim was in a relationship with his stepfather

A Florida man allegedly set a woman on fire in a jealous rage after he discovered she was in a relationship with his stepfather.

Luis Quinonez, 53, poured gasoline on Angelica Blanco, 61, and set her on fire Monday night. Quinonez was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted first-degree murder, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Blanco, who suffered second and third-degree burns, was initially taken to Delray Medical Center. She was in critical condition and was later flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for further treatment.

The firefighters responded to a fire in a home in Lantana at about 10:30 p.m ET, and found Quinonez outside the house, trying to extinguish the fire with a garden hose.

Witnesses at the scene told the police they saw Blanco covered in flames running from the house. They also reported that though Quinonez was outside with a hose, he never attempted to help the victim. Instead, he chose to point it at his burning home, the news outlet reported. Blanco also allegedly told the witnesses Quinonez was the person who set her on fire.

Blanco was the caretaker of Quinonez’s mother who died one month ago. Blanco was renting a room from the family, and was living in the house for years.

Representational image of fire. pixabay

The accused told the police he loved Blanco even though they were not in a relationship. He was furious when he learned she was in a relationship with his step dad Feliberto Alvarez. Quinonez said it added to “all of the problems he had accumulating in his life,” according to the sheriff's office, reported CBS12 News.

He admitted to the police that he got infuriated and was drinking that night. He then went to a gas station and filled a container with fuel, which he used to set Blanco on fire.

Quinonez told the police he would have killed Alvarez instead, if he had been home at that time. He reportedly had warned Blanco to better leave the home when he went to the gas station.

He was held without bond in Palm Beach County jail.