A Florida man was arrested on charges of throwing his girlfriend’s cat at her during an argument.

Kenneth Stuart, 41, of Davie, was charged with battery, resisting arrest and tormenting an animal for the Thursday incident, the South Florida Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale reported. As of Monday, Stuart remained at the Broward County Jail on $16,500 bond.

Broward County Judge John “Jay” Hurley read from the arrest report during Stuart’s court appearance.

"She was lying on the bed and you entered the bedroom holding something in your hand, head high, and she said you were yelling at her, 'Look it's going to die. It's got no air,' and at that point you threw the cat in her face," Hurley told the suspect.

According to the report, Stuart’s girlfriend suffered scratches to the left side of her face from her cat.

"When the police got there you said, 'Just take me to jail. I'm tired of this,'" the judge read to Stuart. "Later on, it says you changed your mind and allegedly said, 'Ok, I'm sorry, I'm calm, can you let me go?'"

Stuart has two prior battery convictions, which the judge cited in setting his $16,500 bond. The Florida man also has to stay away from his girlfriend and her cat, according to the judge’s orders.