Police in Palm Beach, Florida, have made several arrests in connection with an alleged drug and migrant smuggling operation. According to authorities, a boat carrying three undocumented immigrants landed on the north side of the beach at around 6 a.m. on Monday.

The three were taken into custody while multiple other suspects connected to the operation remain at large. According to reporters from the area, two of the suspects in custody are Haitian while the other is Bahamian.

“Breaking: homeland security tells me they are searching for multiple people — not just one — in relation to the boat that washed ashore in Palm Beach,” reporter Danielle Waugh of West Palm Beach's CBS12 stated in a tweet. “The 3 people in custody are 2 Haitians and 1 Bahamian. Investigators calling it a drug and migrant smuggling operation.”

Following the craft’s landing, police established a perimeter around the area. At approximately 8:45 a.m., a helicopter from WPTV spotted the craft on the beach along with a Border Patrol vehicle. Police later towed the boat away.

Police have confirmed that the landing was not linked to a shooting the occurred in Palm Beach on the same day.

Authorities are requesting that anyone with knowledge about the situation report it to the Palm Beach Police Department at (561) 838-5454.

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