You just have wait till 2015 for a trip into the space, as US aerospace giant Boeing and Space Adventure have tied up to put tourists into low-level orbit in a futuristic capsule. Even as President Barack Obama talks about his vision of a private space industry, this marketing deal between the two companies will realize that. Boeing has got $18 million in NASA funding to develop plans for a new capsule, the CST-100. It will be used to transport crews to the International Space Station.

According to the marketing deal Space Adventure, a Virginia-based company in space tourism that has already given seven space tourists a round of the ISS, will sell seats in the new NASA capsule that Boeing is developing. As per the initial plans four professional astronauts will travel on each trip taking three space tourists with them. The pricing of the trip is yet to be decided.

Once the capsule starts getting built the companies will book orders for the trip. Earlier trips on Russian spacecraft had cost a mini fortune - around $40 million.