Psychology of Space Exploration book
Psychology of Space Exploration book NASA

Psychology of Space Exploration

Edited by: Douglas A. Vakoch
NASA History Series SP-2011-4411

This e-book explores some of the contributions of psychology to yesterday's great space race, today's orbiter and International Space Station missions, and tomorrow's journeys beyond Earth's orbit. Early missions into space were typically brief, and crews were small, often drawn from a single nation. As an intensely competitive space race has given way to international cooperation over the decades, the challenges of communicating across cultural boundaries and dealing with interpersonal conflicts have become increasingly important, requiring different coping skills and sensibilities from "the right stuff" of early astronauts.

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Cosmos & Culture: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context

Edited by Steven J. Dick and Mark L. Lupisella
NASA History Series (NASA SP-2009-4802)

Integrating concepts from philosophical, anthropological, and astrobiological disciplines, Cosmos and Culture begins to explore the interdisciplinary questions of cosmic evolution.

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