• A new challenge for Soma and the gang in "Food Wars" Season 5 episode 2
  • The BLUE is a youth cooking championship 
  • Only three slots available for the students

After the Ocean test, the group is ready for The BLUE challenge in “Food Wars” Season 5 episode 2. Soma Yukihara’s father was supposed to take part in this challenge. Meanwhile, the students of Totsuki Culinary Institute are competing for three slots in this competition.

This article contains spoilers from “Food Wars” Season 5 episodes.

The BLUE Preliminaries are set to begin in “Food Wars” Season 5 episode 2. The Bishoku Leading Under-25 Entrance (BLUE) is a youth cooking championship, which brings in young chefs from across the world. The participants for this championship are selected by invitation only.

According to the official synopsis, The BLUE cooking championship is announced and there are three slots available for Totsuki Culinary Institute. All the students of the institute can compete for the spots and the academy will organize BLUE preliminaries.

This will be a personal challenge for Soma as his father wanted to participate in this prestigious competition. Can Soma win one of the spots and represent Totsuki in the upcoming BLUE competition?

The “Food Wars” Season 5 episode 2 spoilers suggest that fans can expect a battle royale between chefs and the theme will be ‘Soup Dishes’.

Meanwhile, in “Food Wars” Season 5 episode 1, Soma and his gang have completed the first semester and are ready for the finals.

The task is to run a beach house restaurant and record sales of three million yen in three days. The Elite Ten are confident to pass this test, but they learn that they have to build a restaurant in an abandoned shack.

Soma, Ryu, and Takumi handle the kitchen duties while Megumi becomes the hostess. Can they beat the other teams in the test and win the competition?

“Food Wars” Season 5 episode 2 will be available online via live streaming on Friday, (April 17) 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Crunchyroll. The episodes are available In Japanese with English subtitles.

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