• The incident in the early hours of Thursday and was caught on camera
  • On their way to the car, the wife said she needed to lay on the ground as "she could feel the baby's head crowning"
  • The mother-daughter duo was expected to be released from hospital later this week

A Brazilian footballer played the role of a midwife and helped his spouse deliver their baby on the pavement outside their apartment block.

Bryan Borges' wife Myllena's water broke in the early hours of Thursday. Initially, the contractions were not very strong but the pain slowly increased. Myllena and 24-year-old Borges then rushed to the elevator and reached downstairs. When they were a few feet away from their car, Myllena told her husband she needed to lay on the ground as "she could feel the baby's head crowning," Daily Mail reported.

The footballer then helped her deliver their baby daughter on the pavement right outside their apartment block. Two people, believed to be the couple’s friends, then rushed to the scene with towels and blankets and helped Borges carry the woman and the newborn to the parked car. They were then rushed to the hospital.

Recalling the incident, the footballer said, "I put my hand there and Cecilia was already coming out. Cecilia saw me and she ran into my open arms! This was without a doubt, the happiest day of my life. It was a very special and unique moment."

The entire incident was caught on camera. CCTV footage showed the couple entering the elevator. As soon as they reach downstairs, the woman sits on the chair as the pain gets worse. The footballer can be seen carrying his wife to the parked car. However, just when they are about to reach the vehicle, she signals that she needs to lay on the ground and, within minutes, the girl is born. 

The mother-daughter duo was recovering and expected to be released from hospital later this week.

baby feet This image shows the feet of a baby at a hospital in London, on March 20, 2007. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images