Ford has always been a forerunner in the market of full-size trucks and vans.In terms of strength and durability in heavy-duty vehicles,Ford outraces its competitors.Ford E-Series vans,formerly known as Econoline,already have that strength and capacity that can only come with the Built Ford Tough engineering technology. Now channelizing many structural and internal design features of Ford F-series trucks in to the 2009 Ford E-Series cargo vans Ford reinforces its commitment to durability and reliability.

Ford E-Series Reviews

The 2009 Ford E-150 vans are available in two trims Cargo Vans and Wagon Passenger Van both using 4.6L 225Hp engines in their standard editions.Recent Ford E-150 reviews show that Ford E-series occupies about 80% of the cargo van markets in the US.For the 2009 model year,Ford E-150,E-250 and E-350 Super Duty wagons receive sophisticated dashboard with inbuilt electronics navigation system in addition to minor facelift.Another newly added but unconventional feature is the rear back-up camera,which is widely used in smaller cars only.

Ford redefines full-size van designing by incorporating some unique technical features in 2009 E-150.Van users can have a sigh of relief,as for the first time in the history of automobile a full-size van is capable of using E-85.To give a relief to van users Ford makes this feature available in 2009 E-150 with both 4.6L and 5.4L engine options.

Additional safety features in new Ford E-Series include 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes,traction control,electronic stability control and dual-front airbags.Starting with a basic 8,520-pound towing capacity E-series vans can tow up to 14,500 pounds. Ford's latest 2010 Harley-Davidson F-150 offers luxurious experience in truck driving with its Platinum Edition.For more on Ford passenger and cargo vans go through Ford E-Series reviews.

Ford F-Series Reviews

Designed in the line of Ford's heavy-duty trucks Ford F-Series has ushered into its 12th generation in 2009.While the exterior gets minor makeover,the internal components are vastly improved in new generation trucks.Outside,the frame is much lighter yet more robust increasing durability and safety.Lighter chassis allows better speed up,improved payload and fuel economy.

These E85 capable trucks come in seven trim levels with additional choices of cab and bed styles to meet the need of widest range of customers.Ford F-150 SuperCrew offers more room for passenger as well as cargo.Its flexible seating arrangement can be adjusted according to the need.The 2009 Ford F-150 reviews shed light on newly added features of F-150.

Aiming to retain its monopoly in the heavy-duty market Ford has come up with wide range of cargo haulers.Those who handle heavier loads can opt for 2009 F-250 Super Duty or its higher versions such as F-350 and F-450.Ford's innovative design and technologies ensure easy handling of these 1-ton trucks.You can choose from standard cab,super cab and crew cab.Engine options include 300Hp 5.8L V8, 362Hp 6.2L V10 and a turbo charged DI.

New improved suspension,a tow command system integrating the trailer's brakes with the truck's own braking system,a drop down tailgate, folding mirrors and an exclusive ADVANCETRAC RSC electronic stability control system in Ford-F-Series Super Duty trucks guarantee easier driving and more comfortable and safer ride.

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