Microsoft Corp is strengthening its focus on its planned to open a retail store this fall. The company hired George Blankenship former Apple Vice President of real estate who helps Apple to acquire property for its controversial retail store strategy way back in 2001.

Blankenship is now on the move with Microsoft for its retail store strategy in addition to David Porter former Wal-Mart exec hired by Microsoft last February.

In a Worldwide Partner Conference event at New Orleans last week, COO Kevin Turner confirmed Microsoft's plans about opening retail stores. The shocking part of it is about the future location of the store, saying “Stay tuned, because we’re going to have some retail stores opened up that are opened up right next door to Apple stores.”

Porter insight about the setup of the retail store was to mimic the demonstrations of Microsoft Technology and to innovate its stores designs for learning experiences. In addition, Turner backs Porter and said that Microsoft would share what it learns about running the stores with other companies.

Blankenship work's for Apple widely considered being instrumental in the Apple stores’ success. Apple controversial store locations were a huge success for which is now having several hundreds of store worldwide.

Blankenship addition to Microsoft on how to start Microsoft Retail Store would contribute a lot for the shaping of the future store.