• "Fortnite" continues to be a popular game among players
  • The game recently added new content from the "Star Wars" universe
  • A new leak reveals how a weapon from "The Mandalorian" could serve as a pickaxe in "Fortnite"

A new leak reveals an interesting detail that “Fortnite” and “The Mandalorian” fans will want to see – a new pickaxe that may look very familiar.

A leak coming from a Twitter user named @TwitchTilted shows a 33-second long video of a player character wielding Din Djarin’s Amban sniper rifle. But the rifle isn't being used to shoot rounds at enemies — it's being used instead as a pickaxe to destroy structures and acquire resources.

The leak, first reported by Comicbook, shows the Amban sniper rifle being utilized the same way as other “Fortnite” pickaxes. The player character shown in the video wields it like it’s a normal pickaxe capable of destroying walls, plant boxes, steel poles and traffic lights, all without causing damage to the rifle itself.

It’s interesting to see this considering the Amban sniper rifle is already available in “Fortnite” Chapter 2, Season 5 as a regular weapon alongside the Mandalorian skins. If the leaked video proves accurate, it will be pretty funny to see players shoot enemies with the rifle one second, then smash things with the same rifle a moment later.

That said, players and interested onlookers should take the leaked video with a grain of salt. It’s entirely possible that Epic Games planned to release the Amban sniper rifle as a pickaxe at the start of the season but changed its mind for some reason, Comicbook noted.

This could indicate that the Amban sniper rifle might have been originally intended for release as both a weapon and a pickaxe. It’s also entirely possible that this “pickaxe” version could simply be a placeholder for another pickaxe from the “Star Wars” universe. Darth Maul’s red-colored double-bladed lightsaber, or even the Darksaber, could be a very interesting pick.

Getting better at “Fortnite”

Whether or not the Amban sniper rifle does get released as a pickaxe, players will need to hone their skills and do what it takes to be the best player at “Fortnite.”

Per Dexerto, there are many things players can do to become better “Fortnite” players. These things don’t even include choosing the right skins or Pickaxes. It does, however, include the following:

  • Learning how to find the best landing spots
  • Learning how to build structures fast and efficiently
  • Learning how to choose and keep a good range of weapons
  • Learning how to upgrade weapons
  • Learning how to listen for movements, especially footsteps
  • Learning how to change controller sensitivity settings for better gameplay
  • Learning from mistakes to become better each time
Apple pulled Fortnite from its App Store on August 13
Apple pulled Fortnite from its App Store on August 13 AFP / Chris DELMAS