• The latest update in 'Fortnite' will add helicopters as their newest vehicle
  • The Choppa will spawn where there are helipads
  • It won't have weapons, but it can carry four gunners and a pilot

Call it the main entree for Patch 12.20 or Chapter 2 Season 2, but the fact of the matter still remains: helicopters are coming to “Fortnite,” ending the enigma of helipads that has been sprouting like mushrooms during the start of the season.

While the Choppa (Fortnite seems to like Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic “Predator” battle-cry) isn't the first vehicle to take to the skies, it should take players to their destinations much faster. Choppas won't have weapons, but it can carry a team of five (four gunners and a pilot) and should pack enough firepower to win the round.

Fortnite crossplay
Xbox and PlayStation cross-play has come to "Fortnite." Online game "Fortnite" enthusiasts attend the ESL Katowice Royale Featuring Fortnite Tournament during the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2019 event in Katowice on March 3, 2019. BARTOSZ SIEDLIK/Getty Images

The four can look outside and unload their arsenal on any or all unsuspecting victims. In solo mode, the Choppa can only be used as a normal vehicle because you can't fly and shoot at the same time. Its rotors can clip and cut through trees, though, which is a nifty add-on at one point or another.

Like the X-4 Stormwing, Choppas will spawn in specific locations. To put things bluntly – and to state the obvious – if there's a helipad nearby, then a Choppa will be there as well.

The new maps included in the second season of “Fortnite – The Grotto, The Shark, The Rig, The Agency and The Yacht – will also spawn Choppas along with several other strategic locations across the map.