"Brallie" shippers were ecstatic when Brandon (Adam Lambert) and Callie (Maia Mitchell) threw caution to the wind and slept together in the cabin after Brandon's piano concert. However, as much joy as the moment brought to fans, it has given the pair a lot of grief at home, turning Callie's long overdue adoption in the Season 3 summer finale into a bittersweet affair. Now a promo for the Season 3B premiere reveals Callie and Brandon are still struggling to deal with the tricky situation.

After Callie helped Rita (Rosie O'Donnell) clear her name at Girls United, the social worker helped to recommend adoption to Callie's judge. Callie and Brandon had slept together believing that her chances of adoption were gone. However, they then had to keep the secret under wraps when the time for the hearing came and the judge shockingly changed his mind, approving her adoption. Now that Callie is officially Brandon's sister, will the pair confess their hot and heavy mistake to their moms?

Apparently, the couple-turned-siblings do not see eye to eye on what to do.

“That’s how secrets stop being secret — when you tell people,” says Brandon in a new promo posted by TVLine, disagreeing with Callie that they should fess up.

"I thought we were in this together," Callie retorts.

"We can't be in this together," asserts Brandon, suggesting that it might be hard for their relationship to recover from this difficult situation.

Watch the new promo for the Season 3B premiere below:

Meanwhile, Callie and Brandon are not the only former couple dealing with some problems. Another teaser video reveals Jesus (Noah Centineo), who returned in the summer finale, is back hanging out with his sister (Cierra Ramirez), as well as his ex-girlfriend, Emma (Amanda Leighton). Things are right back to normal as Jesus teases Mariana about her efforts to get into a good college, pretending to fall asleep during her explanation of a new club she is joining. Then, there is a knock on the door -- it's Lexi (Bianca A. Santos), as in his other ex-girlfriend Lexi! Jesus is happy to see her, but not as much Mariana, who leaps up to hug her long, lost best friend. Lexi explains that her family is back from Honduras ... for good. Mariana is over the moon, but Jesus and Emma share a worried glance. Things are about to get awkward!

Will Brandon and Callie tell their moms about their night together? Will Lexi cause drama between Jesus and Emma? Fans will have to wait to find out. The Season 3B premiere of "The Fosters" airs on Freeform on Jan. 25.