Old Cabell Hall and the statue of Homer at the University of Virginia. Creative Commons

Four people were arrested Saturday in a demonstration outside the University of Virginia's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house, WVIR, Charlottesville, reported. The TV station posted photos to its Twitter account Saturday that showed multiple people being arrested after picketing the university's handling of an alleged 2012 gang rape.

Backlash from a feature story in Rolling Stone prompted university President Teresa A. Sullivan to suspend all fraternity activities Saturday through Jan. 9, the start of the spring semester. But that didn't stop activists from organizing outside of the Phi Kappa Psi house, where WVIR reported police used force to arrest at least three people.

The roughly 200-person crowd called for changes to end rape culture. Protesters held up signs with messages like "She trusted you to do the right thing" and "UVA STOP RAPE" as they chanted "Not one more."

UVA student Greg Lewis tweeted undercover Charlottesville Police officers embedded themselves in the crowd. Five police cars showed up as officers videotaped the picketers. After the first protester was arrested, Lewis tweeted the crowd grew angry, yelling "Who do you protect? Who do you serve?"
Those arrested were charged with trespassing. They were sitting on the steps, the Cavalier Daily reported, and refused to leave when asked by police.
The fraternity house was vandalized earlier this week, as well. People wrote "UVA Center for Rape Studies" and "SUSPEND US" on the walls.
"A number of windows had been broken with bottles and chunks of cinder block, and a portion of the building had been spray painted," a police statement read. "Police officers collected evidence from the scene and the incident is under investigation."
The house at 159 Madison Lane is owned by the Montalto Corp., which is the chapter's sponsor, according to its website.