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Following President Barack Obama's commencement speech at New York's Barnard College on Monday, the Fox News channel apparently decided they needed to offer a real-world contrast to the president's words of encouragement and hope.

Enter Larry Winget, a motivational speaker and author of several books with inspirational titles such as Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life. Winget appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning to offer his own advice to the class of 2012 as they prepare to enter the job market.

In a faux-graduation ceremony (complete with gowns for Winget and the Fox & Friends team) Winget offers what he calls a truthful commencement speech that prepares graduates for the real world ahead of them.

Some of the highlights of the speech, which seems more likely to depress rather than excite recent grads about their introduction to adulthood, include the following:

1. Your college diploma isn't worth the paper it's printed on. And your future boss won't care about you.

Congratulations on earning your degree, Winget began, the high note of his three-and-a-half minute address. In the real world, employers don't care much about your degree, or your happiness, or your income or much of anything that has to do with you at all. They care about what you can do for them.

2. If your life is awful, you're to blame for it.

Your life, your results, your success, happiness, health and prosperity are up to you. When it turns out well, you get the credit. And when it doesn't work out the way you wanted it to, well, you get the blame.

3. If you care about your physical appearance, you're wasting money.

Your time, your energy and your money will always go to what's important to you. If looking cute is important to you, then you'll spend all your money at the mall. If being financially secure is important to you, you'll make sure that you save, invest and live on less than you earn.

4. Your happiness is immaterial. So don't expect it.

it's not about your passion - as I know people who are passionately incompetent. It's not loving what you do or being happy every day - you aren't paid to be happy on the job. You are paid to do your job. Success always comes down to hard work and excellence. And it takes both. Hard work alone won't cut it - I know people that work really hard, yet just aren't any good at what they do, so it doesn't matter. And I know people who are excellent at what they do, but they don't work hard enough for it to make any difference.

Winget's full speech is included below: