Update Sept. 26:

Host Eric Bolling apologized Thursday for comments he made about Maj. Mariam al-Mansouri.

“I made a joke and when I got home, I got the look,” Bolling said, referring to what he said on Wednesday. “I said sorry to my wife and I apologize to you all and want to make that very clear.”

Original Story:

Two Fox News hosts are under fire for sexist jokes they made on the air Wednesday about the United Arab Emirates' first female fighter pilot.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a co-host of “The Five,” was discussing Maj. Mariam al-Mansouri, who helped lead her country’s airstrikes on Monday against Islamic State militants in Syria. She commended Mansouri pointing to the fact that in some Arab countries, notably Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive.

Co-host Greg Gutfield quickly responded, "The problem is after she bombed it she couldn't park it. I salute her."

Eric Bolling quickly jumped in: "Would that be considered boobs on the ground or no?"

Guilfoyle then hung her head and said, “Oh my gosh, why did they ruin my thing?”

Mansouri, 35, was one of the first women to join the Emirati air force. She joined entered the air force academy in 2007 – the same year the UAE removed its ban on women. On Thursday, Fox reported that she led airstrikes with allied forces from the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain.

Since “The Five” broadcast, critics have erupted with reactions to the sexist jokes.

For the Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri, Bolling’s comment might be a sign he “has been trapped in a dank cave all his life and is only exposed to women and the world at large when he is asked to comment on television,” she wrote Thursday.

Erin Anderssen from the Globe and Mail of Toronto called the discussion “a putdown meant to push back women who cross boundaries.”

Greta van Susteren also weighed in about her Fox colleagues. “Do you think the gents on 'The Five' should get a do-over on that one?” she asked on her broadcast two hours later.

Twitter users continue to react to the comments, calling the comments “offensive,” “degrading” and “immoral.” So far, none of “The Five” hosts have publicly commented on the affair.