Fox Entertainment Group announced plans no Monday to distribute movies and TV shows to consumers from the company's network of Internet sites, including

The division of News Corp. said versions of TV shows such as Prison Break, and 24 alongside films such as Xmen others, will be available for download at the firms website, and partners sites.

Apple Computer already offers some Fox TV shows, but they can be watched only on Apple products, such as the iPod or a Macintosh computer.

The service offered by Fox, however, will allow users to download movies or TV shows to windows-based computers for the first time, Fox said. From there , they can be transferred to one handheld device.

Earlier this year, Fox made available free and for-sale downloads of 24 on MySpace and has sold about 200,000 audio and video clips of performances at

Pricing is similar to Apple's iTunes downloads, ringing in at $1.99 per episode.