McDonald's wants some lucky customers to pay for their meals with an act of "Lovin'". Reuters

From Groundhog Day to Valentine’s Day, some lucky McDonald’s customers will have a chance to win a free meal. The fast food giant is accepting a new form of currency for nearly two weeks through the “Pay With Lovin’” campaign.

As seen on the Super Bowl XLIX commercial, customers will be randomly selected to participate. After an order is completed, a guest service manager -- “Lovin’ Lead” -- will tell the purchaser about the program and then give the customer a chance to pay for the meal with Lovin’.

So what qualifies as Lovin’? The manager might ask the customer to call up mom and say, "I love you." Or it could be a mother telling her son what she loves about him. “I love his compassion for other people,” one mother explained. It could even be as simple as doing a little dance for a strawberry sundae. So don’t be surprised if when you go to McDonald’s, you are asked to pay by giving loved ones a family hug.

Like any program, there are some rules. One important one is that the “Pay With Lovin’” program isn’t available in drive-thrus.

Each restaurant will have 100 winners. Winners will be chosen during the “Promotional Time Period,” which lasts from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. For the best odds, “Pay With Lovin’” hopefuls should head to McDonald’s on Monday, when 35 winners will be chosen; on Tuesday, when 20 winners will be chosen and on Saturday, when 10 winners will be picked.

Having a small meal might also ensure a better chance to win. McDonald’s wrote the approximate retail value of each prize will be $5.60. “Actual value will depend on the amount of the customer's actual Order and may be higher or lower,” McDonald’s said.

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