Sunday is Mother's Day, which means your shopping time is running out -- and fast. If you've been procrastinating getting a gift because you're at a loss for ideas, keep reading. Just like when you were a child, your mom will love anything you took the time to make. Try one of these do-it-yourself ideas we found on the Web:

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Make good use of those glass jars you have lying around your apartment. You can print cute stickers with labels for thread and buttons, and turn one jar lid into a pin cushion. Just stuff cotton batting under a circle of fabric a little bigger than a lid and glue down the edges as detailed in these instructions. Let dry before gifting.

Kitchen Tablet Holder

This gift is smart and useful -- what more can Mom ask for? Mamie Janes recommends you glue a Scrabble tile holder to the front of a wooden cutting board and a children's building block to the back. Let dry, and paint the whole thing your mother's favorite color. Her iPad will fit perfectly, which will be handy if she needs to consult recipe instructions with messy hands.

Scarf Watch

Country Living has found what may be the easiest craft ever. Buy a cheap watch -- Target has one for $11 here -- and take the wristband off. Then thread a colorful scarf through the lugs, and that's it. Your mom can just knot it onto her wrist when the time comes. (Get it?)

Bath Salts

This activity is fun to do with kids because it'll feel like a chemistry experiment. Stir together 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1/3 cup of rock salt, 2/3 cup baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil -- Your Home Based Mom recommends lavender or lemon. You can add food coloring to dress up the mixture, then pour into a cute container for your mom.

Rain Boot Planters

Grab a pair of old children's rain boots and poke holes in the soles so water can drain through. Then fill with potting soil and plant your mom's favorite herbs. Homespun With Love suggests using peppermint or parsley and topping the boots off with lots of water. Now your mom can have fresh ingredients -- from an adorable source -- whenever she wants.