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Zoe (Jaylen Barron) and Pin (Freddy Carter) cuddle up in this “Free Rein” Christmas special promo photo. The two will have more sweet moments in the Valentine’s Day episode. Netflix

Netflix’s equestrian teen series, “Free Rein,” just released a Christmas special last month, but it’s already gearing up to drop another one. “Free Rein: Valentine’s Day” arrives on Friday, and it’s, of course, all about love.

A lot’s changed for American teenager Zoe (Jaylen Barron) since she first moved to the English countryside and befriended the people and horses at the Bright Fields stable in Season 1. She got a new boyfriend in Season 2, learned more about her new friend, Gaby (Charlotte Jordan), in the Christmas special and realized she has a lot of people who love her.

free rein valentines group
Zoe (Jaylen Barron) and her friends go on a Galentine’s Day adventure in “Free Rein: Valentine’s Day.” Netflix

When “Free Rein” returns on Friday with its Valentine’s Day special, it’ll focus on all of that platonic and romantic love she has in her life, as well as the love she shares with her horse, Raven. Despite what the title suggests, most of the episode is spent on that first kind of love and centers on the girls “having [a] Galentine’s Day, no boys allowed,” star Barron told International Business Times.

“We go off on this really cool adventure,” she said. “We’re trying to find this thing called the Maid’s Stone, and then we’re discovering [more] about Gaby and Zoe’s relationship, along with Becky [Kerry Ingram] and Jade’s [Manpreet Bambra]… I feel like it’s really about girl power, and that's what I really like about it.”

Of course, the girls-only adventure to find the mysterious Maid’s Stone brings a few surprises, including the fact that they’re not the only ones hunting for it. Zoe’s boyfriend, Pin (Freddy Carter), and her ex, Marcus (Bruce Herbelin-Earle), started having quite the bromance in the Christmas special, and it appears they’re building on that in this new premiere. The two of them set out together in search of the stone, as well.

While Zoe is happy to be celebrating Galentine’s Day and spending time with her pony squad friends, fans can still expect to see some Zoe and Pin moments. The two will show that relationships have both their ups and downs, but that they can work through it together.

“They get in a little argument,” Barron revealed to IBT. “It’s a little heated. It’s a little fun. It’s a little spice.”

Before all of you shippers start to get too upset by that news, let this other reveal from the “Shameless” alum help calm you down.

“I think what fans like to see is Zin together — like Zoe and Pin — and they love to see their relationship because it’s unique in its own way,” the actress said. “…[So], I like the scene where Zoe and Pin get to kiss. Not because I get to kiss the other person, but I like to see the fans get what they want.”

Hear that? Zoe is going to have a pretty great Galentine’s Day and a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day, and you get to see all of it when “Free Rein: Valentine’s Day” comes out on Netflix on Friday. It’ll help hold you over until Season 3’s released later in 2019.