French actor and film-maker Gerard Depardieu outraged the passengers of the Paris to Dublin flight by urinating on the cabin carpet.

The Dublin-bound flight was about to take off from Paris and the seatbelt sign had already been switched on when the 62-year-old actor started calling out "I need to p-, I need to p-," a report said.

Since the plane was seconds away from take-off and the lavatories had already been closed, the cabin crew asked him to wait till the plane is airborne. The Cyrano de Bergerac actor did not listen to the crew and in fact did something absolutely unexpected and disgraceful. He stood up, unzipped his fly and urinated in the cabin.

Had the scene been from a movie, it would have probably brought him applauds or cheers from the audience. But real life is no movie. And even if one is a famous movie star, there is certain etiquette one is expected to possess and display in public.

As a result of the disgraceful deed, the Dublin-based CityJet airline on Tuesday threw the actor off the flight and told him to book another flight. Depardieu was travelling with two other companions.

"Depardieu got up, calling out: 'I need to p-, I need to p-' as the plane was heading to the runway," an angry female passenger told France's Europe One radio station. According to the flight crew, he did not appear to be drunk.

Earlier too, the actor has been into many controversies. In 2005, he smoked on a BBC One chat show with Jonathan Ross and branded his fellow countrymen "cretins". Last year he created controversy by calling a female TV journalist a "slut" for asking a question about his deceased son, the report said.