France's highest judicial body has declared unconstitutional significant parts of a law meant to force Apple and other companies to sell music that would play on any portable music device.

The law, which had been passed by both houses of the French Parliament last month, was brought under review in the French Consitutional Council by over 100 lawmakers who demanded that the council check if the law was permissible under the French Constitution. The review is equired before the law takes effect.

The law, as altered by the council, could still allow the government to force Apple to sell unrestricted music files. However the council stated that that Apple would have to be compensated for its losses. A separate part of the law was invalidated which would have enacted reduced fines for file sharing.

The statute can take effect as altered or the government could choose to bring it before Parliament again.

Had the legislation been approved, it would have affected sales from Apple's iTunes Music Store, which sells downloadable digital files that can only play on Apple's iPod portable music player.