“Frozen 2” is an adventure that will take Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), and the others to the Enchanted Lands. According to a new theory, the parents of the two sisters are alive, and the mission of the heroes in the upcoming film will be to find them.

The trailer has revealed that the heroes will have to go on a journey, but it does not reveal why exactly they go on this journey. According to a theory by Screen Rant the two sisters will go to find their parents, who may be alive and who may have all the answers they seek.

King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, who used to rule Arendelle before their daughter took over as the queen, supposedly perished at sea after a storm. But, what if they survived the storm and are trapped in an uncharted land somewhere?

The biggest clue about the film going back to the supposed death of the parents comes from the official trailer of “Frozen 2.” In the video, the Troll King clearly says that the past is not what it seems. The two sisters will have to go north, to the Enchanted Lands, to find out the truth. Elsa’s powers have long been feared as something that cloud cause harm to the world, but in the sequel these very powers may be used to fight against another danger.

The first scene of the trailer showed Elsa using her powers to cross over the giant waves of the seas. According to Screen Rant this is Elsa training to take on a big challenge in her journey. Will she have to conquer the huge waves that sank her parents’ ship in order to reach where they have been living all this time?

The trailer and the plot of “Frozen 2” have only created a mystery that will be solved when the film is released. The movie will hit the theaters on Nov. 22.

Frozen 2 "Frozen 2" will have at least four new songs.