Instead of coming up with a mysterious or a punchy title, the producers decided to keep it simple and go with “Frozen 2.” Now that the excitement about the new trailer has faded a little, the fans have turned their attention on the title, which cast member Kristen Bell has jokingly admitted is a little dull.

It was a comment by Stephen Colbert that got people to focus on the title. “I can’t believe Disney didn’t call it ‘2 Frozen 2 Flurrious,’” he wrote on Twitter.

The comment prompted the fans to come up with some witty titles of their own for the film. The fan suggestions included “Frozen 2: Flurry Road” and “Fro2en.”

Bell, who will be reprising her role as Anna by lending her voice to the animation character, also joined the conversation. “We blew it, guys,” she wrote on Twitter while sharing Colbert’s comment.

Some of the other fan suggestions as the title of the film included “Frozen 2: Freeze Harder,” “Let It Go Again,” and “This Time It’s Celsius,” E! News reported.

After the first trailer of “Frozen 2” got the fans excited, the recently released trailer gave the fans hints about the plot. The film will be about the powers of Elsa (Voiced by Idina Menzel), which is believed to be too powerful for the world.

Elsa appears to be trapped on an island in the film, unable to break free. While she has powerful magic within her, there is an even more powerful force that will keep her trapped on the island.

Just as the previous film, the sequel will also be about the bond the two sisters share. Elsa will be in trouble, and Anna won’t sit idly by.

Anna will be joined by Kristoff (Voiced by Jonathan) and Olaf (Voiced by Josh Gad), as they journey deep into the forest to learn about an ancient mystery about their kingdom.

“Frozen 2” will be released on Nov. 22. The film has been directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.