Aviron Pictures gave “After” fans almost two minutes of pure joy, which they can keep on repeating, on Thursday when it released the first full trailer for its upcoming film adaption of Anna Todd’s best-selling novel of the same name.

The Jenny Gage-directed movie, which first started out as a fiction piece on online story-sharing platform Wattpad, follows the intense romance between two college students, naive Tessa (Josephine Langford) and mysterious bad boy Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin).

After” doesn’t release in theaters until April 12, but the first official trailer is here as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to all the Afternators out there.

Every second of the promo will make fans happy, but here are the steamiest, sweetest and cutest Hessa moments:

1. During the classic game of Truth or Dare, Tessa’s asked to make out with Hardin. Although she says she’s “done playing this game” and walks away from him, you can already feel the sexual tension between them. And the way he watches her as she leaves? Swoon.

2. The looks he gives her just keep coming when the two are sitting in class and she can feel his eyes on her. She turns her head slightly to see him just taking her in and trying to figure her out.

after movie trailer
Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin star in the upcoming film adaptation of Anna Todd’s novel, “After.” Aviron Pictures

3. “I think it’s better if we keep our distance,” Tessa tells Hardin before he shows his playful and cute side by taking just one giant step back from her and smirking.

4. It’s surprising there isn’t actual steam coming from that lake because when the two of them are splashing around in there together and Hardin’s telling Tessa he doesn’t think they could ever be just friends, it’s pretty steamy.

5. As soon as the two leave the water, the steaminess only continues. A shirtless Hardin slowly drags his fingers up and down Tessa’s arm and she’s having trouble breathing because of it. Tessa, she’s just like all of us.

6. The montage of sweet moments between the two of them is everything. They’re driving along together, he’s telling her she’s stunning, they’re cuddling up in the library, they’re enjoying a bubble bath together and they’re having a date at the aquarium.

7. The trailer ends with a kiss between Hardin and Tessa and a final scene with a solo Hardin asking, “What are you dreaming about?” As if he doesn’t already know the answer.

See all these moments and more when “After” comes out in theaters on April 12.