Former 'Full House' child star Blake McIver is now a go-go dancer. Michelle Tanner would probably joke that her childhood friend definitely “got it, dude.”

McIver and the Olsen twins helped to make the term “frenemies” popular back in the '90s. On the show, the stars were not just playmates, but also got into the occasional spat as McIver played Derek, and the Olsen twins played Michelle Tanner on the hit show, which still appears on television in reruns today.

McIver is also known for his role in “The Little Rascals” as Waldo, where he sang for Darla as a preppy child with the perfect attire and, of course, well-manicured haired.

These days, McIver is still acting, but he has also picked up another talent: go-go dancing! "I have worked as a go-go boy over the past year," the 28-year-old told RumorFix during an interview. "The tips were good. In fact, I raised so much money I was able to finish my record -- mission accomplished."

As a singer/songwriter, McIver was trying to make it in the business by being a vocal coach, but when that couldn’t pay the bills he turned to dancing-- a choice that he called inspiring. He started dancing, and "In the process, I found it so liberating and empowering," he said.

"I had so much shame about my body,” McIver said about dancing at gay clubs after he came out of the closet three years ago. “This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun."

"I'm not hiding who I am anymore -- not pretending I'm not something I'm not," he added.

McIver’s album “I Wish I Didn’t Nee You,” is set to debut on Nov. 5, and he thinks it will appeal to both pop and R&B crowds. “I hope it will have crossover appeal.”