"Full House" Series Finale Recap
The "Full House" gang, (L-R) Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Kimmy (Andrea Barber), Danny (Bob Saget), Becky (Lori Loughlin), Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier), will reunite for Netflix's "Fuller House." Netflix

After 21 years, audiences will finally get to reunite with their favorite San Francisco family during Netflix’s “Fuller House” — a reboot inspired by the original 1987 sitcom. But before viewers catch up with the Tanner clan for a 13-episodic event, here’s a refresher of the drama that went down when we last saw Danny (Bob Saget), Jesse (John Stamos), Joey (Dave Coulier) and the kids.

The series finale, titled “Michelle Rides Again,” continued the storyline of Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) losing her memory. Danny’s youngest had fallen off her horse in the previous episode, an injury that left her with amnesia.

The blond-haired darling couldn’t recall her own identity or who her family was. That’s when the Tanner’s tried to jog Michelle’s memory by showing her some moments from her past.

“I hate this. I can’t remember anything,” Danny’s frustrated daughter said.

But the exasperation of trying to remember finally came to an end when an “empty headed” Michelle bumped into her memory (which took on the form of Michelle’s identical twin). Michelle’s memory apologized for the grief she caused with her absence but explained she was scared after the accident, which is why she ran away. With a quick hug, Michelle’s memory returned to her rightful place.

The Tanner’s were overjoyed when they learned little Michelle’s memory came back. But DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and Stephanie’s (Jodie Sweetin) little sister didn’t remember that she, well … didn’t remember.

“You couldn’t remember who you were or any of us,” Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) recalled the scary incident.

“How could I forget you guys? You’re my family!” Michelle sweetly replied.

Just then, Kimmy (Andrea Barber) interrupted their love fest with an announcement. “Hey DJ, by the way, Dawyne’s cousin couldn’t make it,” Kimmy revealed, causing DJ to go into panic mode that she wouldn’t have a date for the prom.

“Don’t worry! I scrounged up another date for ya,” Kimmy said, which is when Steve (Scott Weinger) made a special apperance.

“Steve! I missed you so much,” DJ said before laying a kiss on her long-time beau. After the lip-locking ended, Steve asked Michelle how she was feeling following her accident.

“How out of it was I?” she then turned to her Uncle Jesse.

Jesse explained that it was like a part of Michelle was missing, which felt like a part of them was missing, too.

“But we stuck it out and got through it,” Jesse said.

“Just like we always do,” Joey added.

“Just like we always will,” Danny said as the cast concluded the series with a heartfelt hug.

“Fuller House” will stream all 13 episodes on Netflix on Friday, Feb 26, at 3:01 EST.