A reveller takes part in the annual Halloween dog parade at Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park in New York, Oct. 22, 2016. Reuters

For most, Halloween is a lovely time to put on a scary costume and walk the streets of the neighborhood doing ghoulish things — and, usually, that’s just fine. But for those of us who prefer a good laugh over a [probably not even that scary] ghost costume, a different approach may be necessary.

Here are eight funny Halloween costume ideas for the last minute comedian who doesn’t necessarily want to dole out the cash to buy a brand new poop emoji costume off the internet.

Iron Chef: Grab an old apron, preferably a lighter-colored one with minimal design or writing on it, and iron-on letters for this gem. Use a capital “F” and a lowercase “e” to spell out the atomic symbol for iron (make sure you put a small 26 above the symbol) and you’re in business. You can also buy the apron pre-made right here.

Beer on Tap: For this costume you’ll need some tap shoes and a shirt for your favorite beer logo front and center. The execution of this should be pretty self-explanatory: wear the shirt, put the shoes on, now you have beer on tap.

One Direction: For this costume, an eponymous play on the popular boy band, just get a blank t-shirt and choose between a few different options. One is to write with a sharpie (or iron on with iron-on letters) any direction you want (say, “right” or “north” or whatever). You can also draw the four cardinal points of a compass and only label one of the four points.

Cereal Killer: Grab a fake knife and cut up a bunch of cereal boxes and string those babies together like you’re showing off scalps. You can wear the would-be scalps like a sash or around the waist like a belt.

Pig in a Blanket: For this costume all you’ll need is a piggy nose, a pink shirt and some pig ears to go on your head. Throw in a blanket and you’re good to go.

Breadwinner: If you have a few medals lying around and a loaf of bread, grab them both and you’re already on your way to perfectly executing this play on words. Just put the medal around your neck, keep that loaf of bread nearby and act like a champion.

Kevin Bacon: To be Kevin Bacon all you need is a shirt with bacon on it (a very popular item these days) and a name tag that you write “Kevin” onto.

A Formal Apology: If you have a suit or fancy dress lying around, put it on and write up a nametag that says “sorry” and you’ve mastered this costume.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more traditionally funny (these were, we’ll allow, mostly puns and those aren’t necessarily everyone’s bag of Halloween candy) you can always check out websites like this and this.